The9thCell is back to the originals!
The first single from “Galga de Zebra Ilesa”, “Cavaleão” is now unleashed. 
Featuring special guest vocals by Cláudio Brandão (a.k.a. Jeff), this song stands as an anthem against ‘close-minded-metalhead-elitists’.
According to David, and on his own words: “I really get pissed whenever someone trips out just to prove that what they listen is the kick-ass bullshit and their artists are the technical-masters of all time. Please, we’re talkin’about music, not about public masturbation here.”
This new fierce and heavy song is now available to listen on The9thCell’s soundcamp and can be bought only through iTunes.
This opens up the apetite for the new record, scheduled to be released on September, 9th.
“Cavaleão” can be listened at this location.

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