Sonic Blast Media – 2013 – Singapore

THE WANDERING ASCETIC are from Singapore. In March 2013 they published their debut cd “Manifest Destiny“.

The gents give here their musical preferences full scope. Pitch-black Black Metal base frames are mixed with some other Metal genres. Thereof the sound of THE WANDERING ASCETIC originates. You can hear here Death Metal borrowings, Thrash Metal speckles and some other tones. It may occur, also within a song, that are used several musical styles. Thereby the gents however never leave their dark realms. The all in all six songs all move in the mid tempo area, but doesn’t lack of severity and brutality. Thereby the dark vocals of guitarist and vocalist Kathi are yet supportive. The listener is taken along in bizarre worlds of ice and hate. “Manifest Destiny“ got a very ambotious and innovative cd which I can only recommend to each fan of dark sounds!!!

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