THE SICKENING advance song, album cover and track list revealed!!

When Brutal Death was pure and unadultered?? Luckily,Norwegians THE SICKENING share with us that vision and here they have returned with hell of a fucking brutal 2nd album entitled “Sickness Unfold”!!
No modern riffing, no ridiculously-heavy sounding production or senseless compositions. “Sickness Unfold” comes with a fucking sharp production vomiting 9 own songs and a VILE cover, full of killer riffs and no bullshit!! Any lover of good old DEEDS OF FLESH, GORGASM, VILE… will adore this new opus!!
Track listing for “Sickness Unfold” is as follows:
01 – Sickness Unfold
02 – Fixed On Killing
03 – Unnamed Horror
04 – Throat Hole Ejaculation
05 – Lord of Decay
06 – A Mind Deranged
07 – Powertool Sodomy
08 – Suffer For My Pleasure
09 – Consumed By Hate
10 – Abort (the Fetus) [Vile cover] 

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