Dutch death metallers THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT have scrapped their previously announced deal with Mascot Records and have signed with Twilight-Vertrieb. The band will enter Ground Zero studio with producer Pascal Altena to begin recording its new album, “Triumvirate”, tentatively due in January/February 2008. Mixing and mastering duties will be handled by Guido Aalbers.

According to a press release, “heavy speculation has commenced on several Internet forums about which image the Dutch death metal chameleons will adopt this time.”

Commented vocalist/bassist Robin: “After the politically incorrect Islam-slamming NILE clones on our catastrophic debut ‘The Apotheosis’ and our fasco-communist warmongering on the equally disastrous second album ‘The White Crematorium’, we’ll be shape shifting into a different image. We’ll have to do some research and find out where the money is these days. I bet groups of people are already collectively clenching their assholes as we speak.”

“Triumvirate” track listing:

01. Androgynous One
I. The Tempelbuilder
II. Rex Ivdaeorvm – Eater of Worlds
III. Wrath of the Double Serpent
02. Kinderreich
03. Wrath of the Ba’ath
04. Laeodecian Hunger
05. Triumvirate
06. Master of the Bryansk Forest
07. Demigod
08. Den ensomme Nordens Dronning
I. Lonely Queen of the North
II. The Cellaring
III. She Who Reigns the Drowned Throne of the Tromsøfjord
09. Crucify (ARMY OF LOVERS cover)
10. Re-Desecration of the Black Stone
11. The Malleus Maleficarum Manuscript

Source:Xtreem Musick

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