THE KILL – “Make them Suffer”

The Australian band THE KILL put last year their first full-length cd after several demos, guest apearances, compilations etc. on the market. It is called “Make’Em Suffer“ and is distributed via Blastfuck Grindcore.
THE KILL proffer the listener here Grindcore. The all in all 15 songs roll extremely brutal and relentless like a hurricane over the country. Almost twenty minutes it gets in highspeed down to the nitty-grity without any noteworthy breaks and without any technical folderol. Diversified riffs come upon an almost inhuman fast doubleblast drumming which knows how to assert itself. The nagging, screamig vocals yet support hardness and the boisterous hate. You can even hear here little melodic insertions which however carry not very much weight. The songs itselves have all a short running time which is in dire need of this speed. Little short of unnecessary to say that the neck muscle is here in steadily rotation. Very professional and ambitious recorded. THE KILL know what they want and are able to implement this. I can only recommend “Make ‘Em Suffer“ to each Grindcore fan!!!


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