THE JESSER ARAFATS ” The Aftermath ”

Violent Journey Records – 2013 -Finland

The JASSER ARAFATS are heard from again. The Finns with the quite burdened name release with “The Aftermath“ their latest EP. It is distributed via Violent Journey Records.

The guys play Old School Death Metal. The all in all four songs tear dark and aggressive like a hurricane into the listeners’ auditory canal. Very forceful and hard it goes from the first second on straight flat out. Without any considerable breaks the songs move in the upper mid tempo area. Energetic riffs which exude power and hardness as well as a powerful doubleblast drumming result in an hateful, aggressive musical mixture. Supported by expressive growls here is a full-service in the matter of aggressiveness and energy. The JASSER ARAFATS know what they want and do their own thing! Professional recorded “The Aftermath“ should be taken to heart to each death Metal fan. It’s worth it!!!!


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