Ladies and Gentlemen! here is the Luisma from Haemorrhage

Hi first of all thanks for this interview… and please giving an opening with your words.
Luisma –
Hello there! and thanks for wasting your time in reading my wordz…

You’re an old, famous, dangerous and bloody band. Can you say something about you and your music? how did you start this journey?
Yes we’ve been around for many years now, so we gained a good reputation album after album, gig after gig.
Everything started in the most simple way you can think of. It was just my school friend Jose and me, bored of the punk/thrash bands of our town decided to made something different, more brutal and influenced by all those godly Grind/ Death bands that arose in those days.

How do you write lyrics and compose them? What do you feel when you write it?
I usually listen to the music and I think a good title or idea to write the lyrics, but sometimes I have a title or lyrics and then I made the music. I don’t feel anything special when I write the lyrics. I just try to express some ideas or simply provoke some feeling in the listener/reader…

You started in ’90 and recorded some demos and splits(and one of them split recorded with Christ Denied). After 4 or 5 year you released your full-lenght. How did you happen these years and how did you record and release Emetic Cult? Can you say something about this process?
NO, it wasn’t that way. In the first 4 years of existence we only recorded a demo “Grostesque Embryopathology”, it was when we got a complete line-up when we released the split with Christ D. and some months later our first album. Everything was very fast. We were a duo (jose and me) with one demo and one year later we were 5 members and we had a split 7” and a full album.
I remember we recorded “Emetic Cult” in the same studio that the split Ep. The studio was the same but it was in other place and it didn’t sound the same. The Ep sounds better that the CD. We recorded, mixed and mastered the album in 3-4 days. We didn’t have more money from Morbid so we had to be very fast. It was very different that todays recordings. No computer, pro-tools, and technology. Everything was very natural. Now recordings are very artificial.

What were the listeners’ and authorities’ reacts and feedbacks?
About “Emetic Cult”? Well i think we got a lot of fans and supporters with that album. Consider that we were a unknown band from Spain, which in that moment was probably the worst-rated scene in Europe. Actually we were the first Spanish band that released an album with a foreign label. And we were surprised about the good reaction. Of course we got some very bad reviews, like german Metal Hammer that gave us the honour of been “the worst album of the month”. That was also positive cause many people considered that if our album was bad for Metal Hammer it could be good for them…It was other time. Now we have very good reviews in Metal Hammer.
The authorities reacted censoring the cover artwork. Typical, ha, ha…

In year ’96 you’ve gone on Tour and after this Tour, you recorded a split which named Grind Over Europe ’96 which named is same with tour, with Dead Infection and the japanease band Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ. How did this meeting confirm and what did you do with these other maniacs? Let’s talk about this Tour and split.
Well, I think that tour was the point that made Haemorrhage turn into a “worldwide” band. We couldn’t imagine how many fans we had in Europe so it was a very good surprise, and also touring with Dead Infection and CSSO was one of the best experiences in my life. I really can’t forget that experience and I think no one in that tour will forget it. In fact we are still very good friends with all the members of those bands. It was a really incredible tour. The split tape is just like a memorial of those good times, something that will match us all forever.

But before this tour you lived a replacement on drums Jose got out to the band and Rojas joined like a new pathologist to the band. Can you say something about this situation?
Yes, Jose had many personal problems in those times (job, girl, house, etc…) so he decided to stop, and we found Rojas in one of our gigs, so I asked him if Jose would leave the band he could join us and he agreed. So he is still with us. About Jose just to say he’s still a Grind maniac and he comes to our shows and we trade CDs, etc…We always talk to make another band together and it will be something I will like cause he was the most creative person I’ve ever met. Many people think I made all the music in the band but in the first years Jose made a lot of things too. It was very hard for me let him go.

And year ’97. The new Full-Lenght came in our archives like a Medical book which named Grume. What do you want to say about this album? How did you record that? What reacts and feedbacks did you get?And I heard from someone. It had been number 1 on hospitals’ and mourges’ charts. Is it true or not? 😛
Yes of course it was true!! ha, ha…Well Grume was a very special album. It was that album that spreaded our name everywhere and its considered a Grind classic by many people. It was a very special album: The half of the album was written with Jose on drums and the other half with Rojas. The album recording was sttoped to go on Grind Over Europe tour, and we finnished it when we returned from the tour some months later.
This got an avalanch of good reviews and praises, even from magazines that hated our first album. Everything was very good.

From ’97 to ’98 you signed 1 demo and 4 splits and one of them this splits with Ingrowing whose improtant and well-known band in death metal. Can you explain this process and this 1 year?
Yes,in those times we become a really interesting band from many people and we got lots of offers from labels, promoters and of course bands to release split Eps. So we had some new songs and we entered to the same studio where we redorded Grume and we recorded a lot of old and new tracks to cover only a little part of the demmand. We are proud specially of the split with Denak. I also like the Groinchurn split, but I don’t like too much the Ingrowing Ep, cause the cover pic is really shitty. Not in my likes.

And your third full-lenght Anatomical Inferno came in year ’98. This album was more different than the others about sound and style. Is it for you too or not? What do you think about this album? And please explain to album record and release process?(by the way I’m pathologist is one of the legend in this album) 😉
Well, I think this album is in the middle of two different moments and styles in Haemorrhage carreer. Its in the middle of Grume and Morgue Sweet Home. You can find some songs composed right after Grume like “I’m a Pathologist”, “Worminfested cavities”, “Witness, etc…” that conserve that Gore/Punk feeling but the newer songs are more into Death/Grind or Death Metal I think. I remember that we had a very big problem in the studio cause Ramon and Rojas came drunk and sleepless to the studio and I got angry.. Then I got angry again cause the invite lots of people and friends to the studio and I can’t concentrate in the recording…It was a really trouble recording.

From ’98 to ’00 you have no stuff. What did you do in this years? how did you happen?
Yes Loathesongs is from that time. I don’t know what would be doing…

When the year ’00 came you released a Best of Complation for 10th anniversary. What did you do in 10th anniversary without best of?
Well the 10th annivesary wasn’t the motive for that compilation. We just got an offer to release our promo-95 on CD with some bonus tracks..nothing to do with the anniversary.

After this best of you released some splits again and record an Ep which named Loathesongs. I’m curious to split with austurian grindcore maniacs Mastic Scum and can you say something about that split and talk about Ep…
Well Loathesongs was a Mini-CD with covers of bands like Impetigo, Carcass, Entombed, Regurgitate, Impaled Nazarene, etc…We did this only for fun. It was something we wanted to do. Yes the split tape with Mastic Scum was a strange thing. In one side a live gig of Haemorrhage and in other studio songs of Mastic Scum. Not too much too say.

When the calenders were showing us to the year ’02, your super blood show released in april which named Mourge Sweet Home and it banged on the world as a blood volcano. 😛 Let’s talk about this album. How was the album record and release process? How is the reacts and feedbacks from listeners and metal music writers? (by the way this is my favourite haemorrhage album and it’s an only corpsegrind machine for me) 😉
Yes, The reviews and fanmails told us that was another big step in our career. I mean we didn’t a big progress with “Anatomical”, but “morgue sweet home” opened a new era in our career, with brutaler influences and heavier sound. I think it re-defined our sound, and of course it got a extremely good reviews.
I remember we got a producer for that album. It was a guy who make lot of live gigs for Death Metal and Grind bands like Napalm Death, Entombed, etc…thought he regulary works for rock bands. That made us let the sound responsability on him, and the recording was more relaxed.

After 12 days later from album release time you had gone to great tour in a bus with Crptopsy, Spawn and Profanity about 24 days and nights across to Europe and included a massive organisaton in With Full Force Festival. What happend in tour and festival? How did you happen this 24 days?
Well this was the longest tour we’ve made so far and that we will ever make.It was hard to be so many days on the road, but I had good memories of the tour. We made a good frienship with Profanity, and also Spawn were our drink partnerts.

In year ’03 You and the american psycopathologist of Impaled caused your power in the way of morgue. And the Dementia Rex released by you two band. Let’s talk about this split, record and release process… ( bye the way I made an interwiev with Impaled before you)
Yes it was a really cool project. We were in contact with Impaled for years and we liked each other music so it was the chance to make something together. We wanted something different to other split albums. So we thought in make a concept album with both bands making a part of the story. So Ross from Impaled wrote some storyboard and we make our songs and lyrics out of that. The recording was made in VRS, it was our first time in these studios. And we enojyed so much that we still record in that place.The album was released by Razorback records.

In year ’04 at the end we could buy a Haemorrhage DVD and saw the Haemorrhage’s live performances first time. And in this DVD Some of images from the your ’02 tourand all those live experiences are sutured, dissected and digitalized in a DVD; What do you say about this DVD which named Visions from the Morgue, a documentary studied in all Universities and medical colleges? 😛
We usually got request from fans from far countries to see our band live. We thought a DVD could be a chance for them. I know it wasn’t the same that a live gig but we thougt it could be a chance to see our band playing live. We included some parts taken from old shows, so people can observe Haemorrhage progression throughtout the years.
Our fans liked that DVD a lot so I think it was a good idea.

Year ’05. Apology for Pathology. 16 year and 5th full-lenght. First of all What did you feel when this time came and you recorded this album. And you’re the superstar of gore. Let’s talk about this year and apology for Pathology…
As I told “Morgue Sweet Home” was a really killer album. So it wasn’t easy for us to make another album that could reach or surpase the “MSH” level. In other hand after the split CD with Impaled we got many criticism from old fans that told us they liked that songs but we are turning into a Death Metal band. That’s not a bad thing at all, but we have never been a Death Metal band, so we thought we should take a turn to our “goriest” sound. That’s how “Apology for Pathology” was born. For me was a challenge to ourselves, cause it was different the last two albums that were concept albums. “Apology…” was our back to our most classical pathological lyrics, and a raw sound, gory beats, and horrible vocals.

In 2006 we saw you in a two organisation. These were Japanease Tour and Maryland Death Fast. Can you say something about them? Especially what happend in MDF? How were the wievers’ reacts?
Well that was really incredible for us. We can’t expect we got so many fans in a great country like Japan. We didn’t got so many letters and mail like we got from other places in the world, but when we got there we were really happy to meet all those nice fans.
About the Maryland Deathfest, what can I say…Only it was really great to play in a headlining position in our first time in USA, I think all the people got very satisified with our performance and we hope to go back as soon as we can…

In years ’06 and ’07 you released a Best Of… which named Haematollgy and a live album which named The Kill Sessions. Can you tell something about them? and Why did you release a second Best of?
Well Haematology isn’t really a “best of”. It’s only a compilation with all our EPs from 1994 to 2004 (10 EPs) remastered and put on a CD with digital quality, with a really nice booklet and lots of info and pictures. That obviously better than the first “best of” you said, cause it was only a demo + some bonus tracks on the same CD.
“Haematology” is really a great collection, just take a listen on that and look the CD. I know all our fans are really happy with it.
About the ”kill sessions” jst to let you know it was a really old project, that we couldn’t do before cause we can’t find a studio as big to play and record our songs live. Well we knew some studios but we couldn’t pay them! ha, ha…This time we enter the “largest” studio in Madrid used by orchestras and jazz bands to record soundtracks etc…and also by famous artists from Spain. We only can be 2 days so we recorded all the music in one day and mixed next day. It was really cool for us, cause the feeling is really different from a normal studio album…If you know Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower or Carcass Peel Sessions you know what I mean.
And I’m coming to personal questions 😛

First of all I want to ask all members of Haemorrhage How do you feel when you play in Haemorrhage?
And Luisma What did you think when you set this band? And what do you think about your journey when you turn and look at to beck
I wasn’t thinking nothing serious when we started the band. Only making some noise and making fun, that is basically what we did to date.We just wanted to be more brutal and sicker than all the spanish punk, thrash and Death bands from those days.
Now I look back and I think that’s incredible. I expected to record a demo or 7”Ep and playing a gig or two. That were all my dreams. Now I think we got lucky. And also we worked hard for this band, but not so hard as it seems, ha, ha…

And this question for supergirl Ana… Ana! How do you feel in this band? You’re the first girl in gore history who played in a band… and How is the playing in a gore band with blood and medical situations?
Ana:I feel like playing in every other band of other styles. In the begginnig it was something strange, and shocking, because of the stage image. I knew Haemorrhage before I joined the band and I knew about their lyrics and their bloody image. But now its quite normal thing for me. In the past people was surprised when they see a girl like me playing with a bloody image but now there are many girls that like that bloody image. I’m happy about this.

And Fernando you’re the bloody maniac for me. And please explain to your endless energy and blood desire?
the secret of my endless energy is drinking 2 liters of beer each ½ hour. I always try to get into the character I’m palying so Lugubrious and blood means the same thing! he, he…

And Daniel you’re the last members of band from about 11 years. And what did you feel when you joined to band and after that?
When I joined Haemorrhage that was like a challenge for me, ´cause I had been sometime without playing drums and this was more fast stuff I usually played, I didn´t knew if I could do it but all was ok with some rehearsals. After that all was cool, album recordings, gigs, tours, festivals…. all the things I wanted to do in a band. So we had great times over there and met a lot of cool people.

And Ramon! I think you’re the relax man in band in your videos and on the stage. How is it to be in this hyper band? 😛
Ramon:Yes I try to take things easy and relaxed in my life but I’m not agree with you. When i got into stage my attitude is not so quiet and relaxed. When I play with Haemorrhage I feel and enjoy every note I play and i’m really into it.

And I’m coming to my last questions
What kind of things will wait to Haemorrhage in near future? What’s your plans and ideas? Are you working for new releases? Or do you think about new Tours?
In the inmediate future there will be a split CD with dead that we just recorded some days ago. There should be a split EP with Dead Infection, and probably another album and maybe some tour. Time shall tell…

Do you think some changes and new things in your sound should we expect for new record and songs?
I don’t know we didn’t started the new album songwritting, but if you listen the songs of the split with Dead you will see that aren’t too different from “Apology…”. It’s 100% Haemorrhage…

And the Last question. What do you want to tell your Turkish fans about you? And Do you know something about Turkiye and Turkish Metal music?
Well, I just want to thank Turkish fans for their support, and let him know we really appreciate what the feel for us. About Turkish bands we were talking with Cenotaph in Maryland Deathfest and they were really cool. We also have friends in Turkey like Utku from Sonic Splendour, and we know there is a really cool people in Turkish scene there.We hope we can play there someday to meet you all.

OK. Finally it finished and I say thank you for this interview and your enjoyfull answers.
Thanks for the intie…. STAY SICK!
Good luck and hope to see you around Turkiye…
Adios! Muchos Gracias.

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