The Genarals – To Hell

"New song from one of Swedish Death n Roll veterans The Generals!"

The Generals was founded in 2002 with a mission to play dirty action rock but quickly evolved into a death’n’roll machine. HM2-father Tomas Skogsberg (Entombed, Dismember, Hellacopters) produced, recorded and mixed the debut album “Stand Up Straight” in Sunlight Studio, which was released 2009 via Metal Central Records. The album was critically acclaimed and received great reviews which was also the case with The Generals frenetic live-performances. Marcus Grahn, then writing for Sweden Rock Magazine, nailed it early on with his comment on their sound: “a death metal-cigarette with a rock’n’roll filter”. In 2012 the band recorded their second full-length album “Blood For Blood” at Leon Studios with producer Rikard Lövgren (Vomitory, Deathstars, Sparzanza). This album presents a more brutal sound even though it’s both dynamic and broad. The album was released 2013 via Lightning Records and now it’s a little bit more about the death than the roll.

Close to 400 shows across Europe later, including a 5 weeks tour as a special guest to ANNIHILATOR, festivals like Gefle Metal Festival, Getaway Rock Festival, Rockstad: Falun (now Sabaton Open Air), Putte I Parken, and opening act for ENTOMBED and THE HAUNTED amongst others, they are back with their new album “To Hell”, which is to be released February 26, 2021, via Black Zombie Records. They returned to where it all began;

Sunlight Studio. “To Hell” is produced by Tomas Skogsberg, recorded in Sunlight, Black Zombie Studio and Dead Dog Farm, however, the mix and master is done by Lawrence

Mackrory at Dugout Productions (FKÜ, Lik, Baest). Even though there is still a vein of rock’n’roll throughout the music, the new album is more Death Metal than ever before. The mix of crushing riffs, epic choruses and evil melodies.

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