The Fright – End

The Fright is a German Dark Metal / Goth band.

On 1 April 2022, ‘End’, the second single/video clip from The Fright`s new album ‘Voices Within’, is set to follow; a song that unleashes a veritable metal thunderstorm. Again, the band surrounding frontman Lon Fright has evolved artistically, made meaningful changes in terms of personnel and style, and transformed the general public`s despondent mood into a confident metal statement. ‘End’ lives from its field of tension and a cleverly woven tremolo guitar, which gives the song a slight post-rock/shoegaze flair that sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard from The Fright. “Compositionally, I´m more of a preppy type,” winks Lon Fright, “but through our new guitarist Chris I got into black metal. His guitar parts have opened up a lot of new possibilities for us.”

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