THE FACELESS ”Autotheism”

sumerian Records – 2012 – United States

The Progressive/Technical Death Metal Band with Science Fiction and Conspiracy as lyrical theme call themselves as The Faceless {Geoffrey Ficco (Vocals), Michael Keena (Guitars), Wes Hauch (Guitars), Evan Brewer (Bass) and Lyle Cooper (Drums)} have disregarded the stereotypical trends of Deathcore to music which is light years away from bands like Suicide Silence, The Black Dahlia Murder, All Shall Perish…. After 2 successful Full-Length albums ( Akeldama & Planetary Duality) they came strong with Autotheism which has a powerful meaning of “Deification of one’s self or in other words Self-Worship”.
The Intro of the album has nothing to do with Death Metal but it gives you the energy to raise your sword and enter the battle which is surrounding you, it’s like you’re listening to “Two Steps From Hell”. After the first track is over the second track starts off with the spine crushing/brain drilling guitar shredding with some riffs which will want you to keep on click on the repeat button. After the 3rd track, the band shows that they’ve evolved musically and mentally by merging some jazz riffs which seemed to blend really effectively.

After the “Autotheism Movement” tracks they start showing the atmosphere that they really wanted to build in this album with the perfect mathematical timings of placing the clean vocals, the traumatizing solos, riffs and the fierce drumming skills of Lyle Cooper, whereas the vocals perfectly managed to merge itself with this unique fusion. You’ve got tracks like Hail Science which built the atmosphere of the album or the last track In Solitude that showed us the mathematical perfection of this fusion combining Power/Heavy & Death Metal.

This album must be heard by all… It is one of the best albums that have been released this year. I know that most of the fans will be expecting a pure Progressive/Technical (Obsucra) Death Metal album but this is their way of saying that we are our own Gods.

This is how they earn a spot in The Most Extreme Tour of The Year “The Summer Slaughter“.


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