THE EXTINCT DREAMS ”Потустороннее Сияние”

Backfire Productions/Stygian Crypt Productions – 2010 – Russia

The Extinct Dreams was formed in 2008 and they released their 4-track album named “Потустороннее Сияние” in digipack format, end of the last summer. I have to find the name of album and copied from somewhere, it means “Other Lights”, of course if Google translator, translete it correct 🙂

I can classify 1. and 3. songs as an ambient, 2. and 4. songs as a funeral doom metal. No lyrics on ambient ones. Other songs with Russian lyrics, they use truly suitable clean vocals for brutal and doom metal.

No misunderstanding, there isn’t an obvious, deep side of funeral doom, every doom metal listener can easily keep up the album. I can severely suggest that album for the listeners who loves doom metal with ambient effects, band is so successful on that subject.


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