THE END-“You Made The Rain Disappear”

Demo- 2013 – India

Recently a demo from India fell into my hands. There is talk of THE END. The 1-man project at Svartblod released in Juli 2013 their demo “…You Make The Rain Disappear“.

Black Metal within a difference resounds off my loudspeakers. Initially very spheric sounds which seem calming and relaxant have their climax in a feast of darkness and coldness. That’s the way you could broadly specking the four songs of THE END. But, the matter is not that easy! Compact muical worlds of darkness and beauty develop which are bizarre and endless cold. Each song is different structured in order that “…You Make The Rain Disappear“ allows no boredom. Many Ambient speckles give the production its deep. Supported by guest singers the listener is taken ino dark, arbitrary and very intense worlds. Very emotional showcased you have to take a lot of time to discover this demo. But, it’s worth to go on a journey of discovery here. Not easy to consume the listener gape emotionally charged musical worlds which are experimental and full of ideas. But, THE END never never loose sight of thei basic aim. “You Make The Rain Disappear“ is a little pearl in the swamp of other Black Metal releases which is necessary to discover. Listen to the cd. You won’t regret it!!!!


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