The Broken Poet Society – Stitches (Lyric Video)

Hellscape speaks on the inability to wake up after falling asleep while battling situations such as sleep paralysis. The song showcases a “dreamscape” of sound, with multi-layer vocals from an ethereal singing style to a deep growl. The lyrics also feature exactly 3782 characters, commas not included, which is the exact amount of time that The Broken Poet Society was on hiatus, before starting new music. It features 740 words, which in the tarot is the Angel Number 740, as the singer and lyricist are called David Angel, and the number 740 is said to signify, “Your prayers have been heard and answered. You are on the right path and your guardian angels are with you every step of the way. Keep up the good work and know that you are always loved and supported. Stay positive and keep your faith strong – everything is working out for your highest good.”

The Broken Poet Society is a poetry-based metal band, hailing from Canada. Infused with a unique metal sound, mixed with the art of spoken word, and hybridized with horror-like elements – it brings to life a sound like no other. With inspirations from bands such as The Doors, Otep, Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, Slipknot, and Cradle of Filth, the conception of its melodies has helped define the dark spiritual sound that has been quoted as, “Absolutely out of this world” (98.5 CKWR).

In 2013, the poetry-centred metal group departed quietly, and an unexpected 10-year hiatus was born. Now, a decade later, in 2023, a brand-new EP, ‘New Era‘ has been cultivated. The EP features a three-song journey. The first track, ‘Stitches‘, speaks on some of the dark paths that front-man, David Angel, walked for those 10 years, which follows into the second track, ‘Hellscape‘, which speaks on topics such as regret, insomnia, sleep paralysis and the inner chaos that haunts many of us. The EP finishes with a re-imagining of 2012 single, ‘Amongst Those Dead‘, which conveys a thought of fear, and realizing that the ‘real world’ is a much-more frightening place, than any nightmare one might have.

New Era is set to release worldwide on all digital retails on March 28th, 2023.

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