Teren – Mara

Teren is a folk metal band from Kropyvnytskyi (Ukraine), which finally took off with their first official video “Ranok”. The band consists of former members of the famous band Kult, but has a completely different approach to creating music. The songs have always been based on Ukrainian folk tunes and heavy riffs. Even before it became mainstream. The idea for the video emerged more suddenly than most of the lyrics and melodies – a video of a recording in the studio, flavoured with landscapes and symbol images so that those who couldn’t grasp the text could grok what it is about. Before the first official release in June 2020, Teren tried a lot of vocalists and possible band names to finally combine all the components into a decent version. So: • Guitar – Sergey Panchenko. Able to masterfully pronounce a terrifying phrase: “I got an idea”. Organizational processes are on his conscience too. • Keys – Anna Apolyarova-Galchenko. The voice of conscience and common sense. The main melody maker. • Drums – Roman Bilobrov. It is his playing that outshouts that same voice of conscience and reason. • Bass guitar – Denis Rudenko. In addition to playing the bass, roars into the microphone. • Another guitar – Sergei Snegirev. Picks at solos better than any woman can pick at her husband. Can sing if he’s not ghosting. • Alyona Eremina – vocals. Can do an octave higher, and an octave lower. And almost doesn’t panic.

“Mara” is based on a Ukrainian folk song about the tragic fate of a young girl, whom her parents married off at a young age and now she is forced to hide her pain from others. It developed the plot and turned it into the story of the abuser murder. The track does not call for violence. On the contrary, it shows what domestic violence and the absence of help for victims of bullying can lead to.

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