TENGGER CAVALARY – ” The Expedition ”

Metal Hell Records – 2013 – China

This is the first album (or at least, I believe that it is) from this Chinese Pagan/Folk Metal band. The closest band to which I can compare Tengger Cavalry is Darkestrah but itwouldn’t describe it very well. Why? Because Tengger Cavalry offers to the listenermuch more then Darkestrah does. First of all, their much is not so much Black Metal like it is the case with Darkestrah and second, they have a much more atmosphere from that part of the world. You can hear here several of instruments from China which give to this album the certain Far East touch. You can truly imagine a horde of Mongol Raiders riding through the steps while listening to this album. The Metal parts here on this album go from Power Metal to Death and Black Metal. Combined with the Folk parts, if gives something very interested. I can’t say which Metal bands influenced the music of this band so I will leave it up to the listener to make his/hers own thought about it. The songs here on this album seem to be in English. I am not sure about it since I can’t hear the lyrics very well. This has nothing to do with a bad production, because the production is very good. It is just because the singer uses a very hard troth singing.


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