TEN RAIL CELL ”Microman”

Demo, Self Release – 2006 – Greece

I’d like to start my review of Greek band Ten Rail Cell, which I surprisingly found similar to my own band Aborda, by criticizing their recording. I’ve received a recording that’s much worse than an mp3. Probably they recorded those beautiful songs to mp3 first and then transferred to the audio cd. That’s the worst thing they could do to ruin the quality. There are strange sounds, inherited to mp3s, quality of which decreased intentionally so that they occupy less space. Plus, the sound of drum was awful.
Aggressive vocals, embellished with thrash and death metal riffs govern the demo in general. In fact I kind of sensed some hardcore effects, too. Only a few riffs were used in the songs but these are covered by various drums. Core effects are pretty high in Microman, the song which gave its name to Demo. It’s nice to hear these types of different things. I conclude my review by saying “I wish I’d received a better quality cd”. Hope these guys come out with a new album this year (with a higher quality recording).


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