TAAKE ”Stridens Hus”

Dark Essence Records – 2014 – Norway

Finally Taake released a new album upon us. Their new album is in the all familiar Taake style, but this time it seems, that Taake didn’t want to put any new elements into their songs like we know it from them by now such as the famous banjo from their last album. It’s a pity, but we will survive it. Let’s just stick to what’s matter, the music. Again we got True Old School Black Metal with killer riffs that cut like sharp razors. While other bands who try to stay true to the old style sounds boring or like a copy cat, Taake still are able to be above that level and to offer to their fans a unique sounds. Even without the banjo, piano, etc that they used in the past at certain moments. OK, I must admit that it isn’t all that good. Personally, I like their previous album more that this one, but “Stridens Huns” is far away from been a weak release without any souls. This album has also some great songs to offer like “Gamle Norig” (which is my favorite song here on it), but there are no songs like “Myr” or “Orcan” on it. OK, not everything has to be a hit and I would be disappointed if the atmosphere of the album would have to be sacrificed in favor of hit(s). That brings me to the next thing, the atmosphere here on it. This album is made in such a way that it sounds like one long song, but one long NOT boring song.


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