SVARTSYN ”Black Testament”

Agonia Records – 2013 – Sweden

You actually don’t need to introduce the Spaniards SVARTSYN. Since 1993 deep-rooted in the Black Metal scene their lates opus “Black Testament“ was released in May 2013 via Agonia Records.

The short intro let already guess that it is here not about a run-off-the-mill cd. With the following song “Revelations In the Waters“ becomes clear which musical path is taken. SVARTSYN play Black Metal through and through. Based on the old Nordic school arise very intense, pitch-black songs. Partially halting riffs reinforce the hateful, hopeless atmosphere of the all in all eight songs. The inserted melodic parts can’t suppress sadness and misanthropy just as little that they ensure for great loosening up. Worlds of ice and darkness develop which are full of despite and agony. It is boldly that it is completely walved of synthesizers this time. Instead of it come pretty arbitrary riffs to the fore which give “Black Testament“ a glimmer of Avantgarde / Experimental Black Metal. The all in all eight songs are partially very verbose which is anyway wanted of SVARTSYN in my opinion. Perhaps in order to reinforce darkness and agony of mind. The production is therefore neither undisputed nor easy to consume. Very ambitious recorded I can only recommend “Black Testament“ .Listen to the cd and form your own opinion!!!

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