SURTR ”Pulvis Et Umbra”

Altsphere Production – 2013 – France

Recently the Frenchmen SURTR released their cd “Pulvis Et Umbar“ via Altsphere Production.

SURTR play here Doom Metal with a difference. Multi-variant riffs wiggle around traditional Doom Metal frameworks. Thereby the all in all seven songs is given a little more dynamics which becomes well to “Pulvis Et Umbra“! You can also hear here some Rock borrowings. The aggressive vocals of vocalist and guitarist Jeff Maurer yet reinforces and underpinned this impression. Nevertheless it develops an independent sound which however can’t deny its Doom Metal roots. The dark atmosphere steady continues in all songs. Riddled with heroic lyrics of the Old World SUTR offers a good insight in the Experimental Doom Metal realm. I can only recommend “Pulvis Et Umbra“ to each Doom Metal fan!!!

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