SUPREME PAIN ”Divine Incarnation”

Massacre Records – 2011 – Netherlands

Supreme Pain is from Ridderkerk, South Holland, Netherlands, spawned in 2006.This is their third full-length cd-and it fuckin rips ass-in the vein of bad-ass death metal bands like: Sinister, Panzerchrist, & Kataplexia. “Divine Incarnation” contains ten trax of utter madness, “Spiritual Sickness”, “the Fallen Kingdom”, & “Damned Creation” are some of my favorites. Paul Beltman is a drummer after my own heart-nice tight rolls. Riffin’ by Bas Brussaard & Erwin Harreman are destructive. I would love to check them out live-hope they come to America soon. Highly recommended to all lovers of death metal.


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