Suntorn Released “Oblivion” Video Online!

Press Release From the Band :

“Oblivion”, is a song that has to do with the dark realities of addiction, and how the mental illness of addiction can be severely detrimental to peoples lives, and how seriously it could affect the people and loved ones around them. This song is in no way meant to dehumanize those that suffer from addiction, but rather help people understand that even though substances may seem appealing while you’re at a low point whether it be mentally or just in life in general, in the long run, it would only dig that hole deeper, and has the potential to ruin your life, and just isn’t worth it, and that there are always better ways to cope. In terms of instrumentals, this song is reminiscent of Suntorns older material, it is a very fast-paced, in your face, heavy-hitting song, with plenty of filthy chugs, guitar solos, breakdowns, blast beats, beefy bass, with aggressive vocals

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