Prophecy – 2015 – Romania

This is the first release of the project from two of the Dordeduh guys Hupogrammos and Sol Faur. What they offer here has nothing to do with what we heard so far from them beside the concept of the album. With Dordeduh they already showed that they are into astrology, astronomy and other similar topics and here they take it a step further. The music here on this release is hard to describe since it has a lot of different elements in it which we haven’t heard from them so far. This has nothing to do with Black Metal and mostly also nothing with Metal. Mainly it is Psychodelic Rock/Hard Rock with some ambiental moments in the songs and some slide oriental touch as well. Imagine a mix of Led Zepellin, Enslaved, Agalloch, Dordeduh, Arcana and oriental music and you can get the picture how this album sounds. This might sound a bit too much, but the four band members were able to put it all together. The songs here are of epic proportion since most of the 6 songs here are over 10 minutes long. The atmosphere of the songs is different from song to song. “Arctic Cascades” reminds a bit of Dordeduh and Negura Bunget but in a slightly spacy ambient. “Desert’s Eschaton” goes more into the oriental direction. The other 4 songs are more Prog/Psychodelic/Hard Rock. Only one song here has vocals which is the last one here called “Rejuvenation”. The vocals there go into Black/Death direction and might not fit the song as much in my opinion. All the other songs here are instrumentals so this makes it even a bit stranger. But just strange, not bad.


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