SUN OF THE SLEEPLESS ”To the Elements”

I discovered Sun Of The Sleepless when I searched for the cover of all the songs of Varg Vikernes because of my interest in Burzum. (I guess there is no Metal Archive website) Raw and hateful Dunkelheith’s cover was succesfull made by Schwardorf. This personally caused me to pay more attention to the ‘side project’ of Schwadorf because of my admiration for Empyrium.From 1999 to 2005, while the calm and underground process was facing the danger of extinction, I can say that the decision To The Elements is correct. As Schwadorf and many others have said, we are confronted with a magnificent album blended with Darkthrone and Empyrium breezes.

I’m talking about an album that is conservative in terms of protecting its wholeness. The raw, wicked and dark atmosphere of Black Metal’s nature surrounds you with ‘The Burden’ song! The new sound caught up with Empyrium’s The Turn Of The Tides album is very evident in two parts of To the Elements. Schwadorf’s musical understanding is always undisputed. Describing the dark art is the greatest power in his hand. The praise that he has done to Burzum, Bathory and Darkthrone in our conversations shows that his preference in his musical portrayals is directed at Black Metal.

The To The Element is also best candidate for this year’s album. I want to describe Forest Crown. Imagine, you walk under dry grand trees. A gray sun waves on cold trees boles and it leave track crystal color. You find yourself in the wild reality when your feet touch cold earth in eveytime. Schwadorf’s choice of opera vocals is expanding the atmosphere of many songs. You can fully feel the epic and ambient face of Black Metal. My favorite song in the album is Moution. There is a deep sadness and anger dilemma in this song. Technically everything is perfect. Guitars vocalize each other, drum voices breaking the castle doors and chorus vocals dating back to ancient times …

The opening of The Burden gives me a continuation flavor. So, Sun Of The Sleepless should continue o its way, it should be carry away us into black forest again!

Schwadorf, someone who definitely protects the aesthetics he created. He is a musician who did not allow the music to be contaminated and commercialized in 2000’s. I can say that the end of the 80’s and first half of the 90’s musical understanding rooted in this album.


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