Century Media Records – 2011 – U.S.A. (California)

Suicide Silence is a death-core band, which is something you need to decide for yourself if you are a fan of, some of the rhythms with Suicide Silence are the same-but overall this release, “The Black Crown” beats the shit out of their last one, “No time to Bleed”. “Slaves to Substance” is a blood splattering tune, “Fuck Everything”, & their sluggish tune “Witness to Addiction” is a really good expansion of their style. If you haven’t seen um live yet, you have to check um out-the lead singer-Mitch Lucker, gives it his all and has great charisma. Suicide Silence definitely knows the way to get a following is touring non-stop, which they will be on extensive world wide tour until December 13, 2011.


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