Sugarcane Firewater – Blowtorch

Blowtorch is the latest release (out 21 April 2022) by Sugarcane Firewater. Although the band typically leans towards punk rock & garage rock, they pulled all the stops out to create the Judas Priest Painkiller-inspired instrumental to compete with metal shredders. It's fast and furious.

Classic rock and classic punk rock infused new music! Sugarcane Firewater is the culmination of years of performing, songwriting, recording, getting music placed on tv and games, winning and failing. We are a consortium of never-give-up creative souls that make Sugarcane Firewater’s music powerful, real, and raw. There are no fancy high-paid producers (not yet at least!) or hired guns here. It’s just us – learning by doing, sharing and taking chances. Music feeds our souls like it feeds yours. Its all organic, home-grown and fueled by life experiences, motivation and energy.

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