SUFFERING ” Chaosatanas”

Mort Records – 2014- Poland

The band SUFFERING are from Poland. At the beginning of the year 2014 they released their first cd which is called “Chaosatanas“ via Mort Productions.
It gets here immediately straight down to the nitty-gritty! You can hear pitch-black Black Metal music. SUFFERING are wandering through dark musical realms icecold and with a hellish speed. Raw and impetuous old school tones which bring the listener into bizarre worlds of ice and torments. Coldness and hate within its reach. Here is shown no mercy. The very emotional, nagging growls of Armagedon reinforce loneliness and pain of soul. A ride into hell without a return ticket. Conscious kept simple riffs reinforce hopelessness and misanthropy. A musical mesh of which there is no escape. “Chaosatana“ is nevertheless no easy to consume cd. It demands a lot of stamina from the listener. The gents worship the horned one and let thereby no doubt what they think about the human kind in general. A strong piece of Black Metal which you should listen to by all means!!!!


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