STYGGELSE ”Heir Today – God Tomorrow”

Unexploded Records – 2010 – Sweden

Woww! I was thinking if I would have a chance to listen to such a good album like this. Styggelse fits my expectations perfectly. Honestly, I come up against a good album in the name of recent black metal. Sweden’s underground black metal sound, I love it! It is not a raw black metal that we know, it has thrash, punk interacts. Wait a second.. I know that riffs, like Horned Almighty! Black n roll, pure, never ending speed, never ending bleeding in your ears!

This is a cruel as well as an insensitive album. Styggelse triggered me, yes that’s fucking true. I can tag the album cover, booklet, also cd itself as “motherfucker.” Everything visual in this album is black. I think more thrash metal concept would be better because the lyrics are very protest and hostile.

“Heir Today God Tomorrow”,”Ready to Burn”,”Defiance” are very good songs. I can clearly say that this album is a kickass as Americans say.


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