Stunning official FAMISHGOD video online

Spanish Funerotting Doom/Death Metal band FAMISHGOD have launched an awesome live video taken from their so far only live show earlier this year. Recorded with three cameras and edited by DP Rey, it’s accompanied by great visual effects that gives an utter phantasmagorical feel to the already impactant stage presence of the band.
     The video contains 100% live ambient sound without any kind of overdubs or re-mixing, showing the fucking heavy, deep and dark sound of FAMISHGOD. Sound is not taken from soundboard, but from ambient microphone, which in fact that’s what public really hears, so even though the quality isn’t the best, every instrument can be heard perfectly and retains the dirty and rotting sound of FAMISHGOD so this is the nearest sound experience of the show. We could have used nice & polite soundboard mix or even an album song, but wouldn’t be the same…

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