STROSZEK ”A Break In The Day”

Disomaniac Records – 2012 – Italy

This project is the side project of the guitarist and founder of Frostmoon Eclipse. He plays there Old School Black Metal and here he shows that he has also a softer side. The music on this EP is very calm and you can really chill to it. This EP has nothing to do with Metal music, since it is an acoustic EP. But don’t think now about Empyrium or Tenhi because it is miles away from this kind of acoustic music. It has not this “sitting around the fire” or melancholic touches like those two bands have. It is more like some kind of 70’s music. This might be the closest thing how to explain this music. Personally, when it comes to acoustic music, I am more a fan of Empyrium and Tenhi, than this kind of music. I don’t hear anything new here or a different approach to this kind of music. Also, there aren’t much of feelings in there to hear. The entire EP as one thing can also be boring if you listen to it in one row. The best here in these 5 songs my opinion are the female vocals.


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