STRIKE EACH OTHER ”Keep The Thing You Need”

Self-released – 2010 – Ukraine

In Ukraine, despite appearances, there are quite well developed hardcore scene. From time to time I find interesting formations from our neighbors and Strike Each Other is one of them. Already two-track promo announcing full album gave high hopes and I must say that not disappointed. Young guys of Ternopil acquitted great on his debut, they gave us a good piece, heavy beatdown `classics of the genre and in climates like Nasty, In Blood We Trust and Circle Of Death. It is known that the above still a little lacking, but the direction is good. The material is maintained primarily in medium tempo interspersed with plenty of exemptions. I like the cool, rough sound – a well-balanced blend nicely with the guitar section, which in this species and its characteristic rhythmic riffs is especially important. There are also thought-harmonics which intersect each lick. Vocally, we are dealing with a torn, deep cry mixed sometimes with singalongs parties. Overall, this is not a revolutionary release, I’d say even that relatively simple even for this genre. However, given the length of the musicians, very neatly worked out the wording and for sure large loads of emotion invested in this music, I think that this is a very valuable Cd. I think the skills and experience will allow some time for the guys from Strike Each Other to join European leaders of beatdown.


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