STORMNATT ” Omega Therion”

Self Mutilation Records – 2014- Austria

STORMNATT are back! Already since 2000 musically on the road the Austrians put in July 2014 their latest opus “Omega Therion“ on the market. It is distributed via Death Temple Studio.

A cold shiver runs down the listeners’ spine while listening. Here is celebrated Old School Black Metal. Pictures of darkness and hopelessness develop in your mind. Kept primordial riffs which reflect nothing, but hopelessness and hate let arise feelings of deepest depression. A dark musical cloud which is raw and merciless. There doesn’t help also any melodic insertions now and then. The emotional growls of vocalist Mord reinforce hardness and misanthropy. Surreal, but nevertheless real STORMNATT however renounce of blunt highspeed thrashing. The all in all seven songs all move in the mid tempo area. STORMNATT know what they want musically and they implement it in a subtle manner without thereby being too nostalgic. Sheer emotions which are drawn attention to very dedicated and professional and doesn’t loose also in 2014 any impact. The guys unlearnt nothing over the years and deliver also here a strong piece of Black Metal. Listen to “Omega Therion“. It’s worth it by all means!!!!


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