STORMLORD – ” Hesperia “

Trollzorn Records – 2013 – Italy

The Italians STORMLORD honour us since by now over twenty years with their music. They will put their latest opus “Hesperia“ via Trollzorn Records on the market.
The gents play as is usual very symphonic Black Metal. A bizarre symbiosis of on the one hand melodic, bordering on bombast parts which are supported by synthesizers and now and then of a clean voice. In total contrast on the other hand the hardness and darkness of the Black Metal. STORMLORD develop thereof all in all eight songs which are independent and innovative. Although each song is different structured you can however pick out the discern, grown for years sound of the band at each composition. The powerful drumming and the nagging, distinctive growls of vocalist Cristiano Borchi yet reinforce the divergence between beauty and coldness. The melodic base frame with orchestral instrumentation is steadily retained despite of all pitch-black insertions. Bizarre worlds which are full of hate, contempt and melodies develop. Very technical played you realize with each note that here were grown professionals at work who know what they want. An atmosphere full of suspense develop whch is presented very diversified and emotional. STORMLORD are sucessful to refine as a long-serving Black Metal band and nevertheless being hard and relentless. Very dedicated recorded I can only recommend “Hesperia“ to each Black Metal fan!!!!


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