STOJAR ”Ни шагу назад ”

Stygian Crpyt Records – 2013 -Russia

The Russian band STOJAR already exists since 2013. They released in 2013 their opus via Stygian Crypt Productions.
After a refreshing instrumental intro it goes straight flat out! The listener is proffered Folk Metal at its finest. Powerful Metal riffs which know to win through come upon traditional Russian Folk music. At this symbiosis indeed predominate the Metal parts nevertheless you can’t leave out the traditional music elements. The all in all nine songs are nevertheless neither slow nor verbose. They move in the mid tempo area. Thereby is played with different tempi. It might quite happen that also slower passages are inserted which nevertheless doesn’t let miss a certain hardness. The use of synthesizers and flute now and then relax the energetic, Metal heated up atmosphere a bit without thereby make leeway into the thrashy. Heroic deeds and battles of bygone times liven up here musically. Headbanging, but even sway to and fro and rumbling are allowed here and inevitable. Whereby the singing along proves difficult as the lyrics are all in all written in Russian language. STOJAR are successful in creating a thrilling and very vivacious production which will surely delight many listeners. Raise your glasses and listen to STOJAR! I’s worth it !!!!


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