Self-released – 2012 – Germany

The German band STARLESS AEON is not together as a band for a long time. Last year they released with “Silence“ their debut EP in in-house production.

It gets here immediately straight down to the nitty-gritty! Straight and without an intro or other musical eyperiments STARLESS AEON celebrate the Death Metal. Multifarious songs which get across alternation and at the same time severity. The riffs are presented multi-variant so that the songs doesn’t stagnate or repeat at any time. The listener is carried away into a rollercoaster of emotions by the game of tempi. The music remains therefore energetic and nevertheless doesn’t loose at any time its pressure and hardness. The awesome growls are still the icing on the cake of the production. STARLESS AEON seem to contain the hate of the entire world in themselves and they scream it into the world very multifarious and emotional. The clean vocals deployed now and then indeed relax the tense atmosphere a bit, but the gents remain at any time on their hard, dark musical pathes. Melodic speckles emphasise the variability of “Silence“ as well as the bands’ playing skills. A very intense production which was recorded technically adept and ambitious. STARLESS AEON know what they want musically and they consequently implement this here. I can only recommend the band!!!!

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