STARDOWN ”Insi Deus”

Mystic Empire Records – 2006 – Rusia

I guess Russians learned this very well. Another band that I received from this same company is Stardown. Sepultura and Soulfly lovers; don’t miss it! The name of their debut album is Insi Deus. The band members belong to two well-known metalcore bands of Russia; Amatory and Korea. The music is a hardcore-thrash in general and its style is well decorated. The only thing I really didn’t like was the clean vocals sections where the music fell horribly down and lost its aggressiveness. Besides this, there’s nothing irritating. It was fun and tiresome (!) to listen to though… Yeah! you’ll be tired ’coz you’ll wanna get up and roll… Anyway, I cut it short and say: give this album a chance.


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