STAGNANT WATERS ”Stagnant Waters”

Adversum – 2012 – International

The French-Norwegian band STAGNANT WATERS released at the end of last year their opus “Stagnant Waters“ via Adversum.

The gents offer here a wild mixture of styles in the Extreme Metal area. Many electronic gimmickry are mixed with very arbitrary guitar riffs. You can’t assign them to any genre. They are correspondingly very experimental. Once screaming and then again powerful they reinforce the chaos within the chaos. With many samples which are seemingly randomly strung together and even clarinet tones the disorder is made perfect. As already surely very correctly assumed you also can’t classify the samples not to mention to describe them correctly. From Noise samples via classical music through to female vocals samples here is everything included. Supported by a drum computer and very unusual, extremely experimental vocals. STAGNANT WATERS remain at the all in all eight songs however always in the mid tempo area. The cd receives additional energy by various tempi variations also within the songs. This cd is a little pearl in the bog of the other Metal releases which is not apprehensive to break the mould. The gents manage here to deliver an extremely experimental and innovative production. For all who like Extreme Metal is “Stagnant Waters“ most warmly recommended!!!

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