SQUIDHEAD ”Prohibition”

The Belgian guitarist SQUIDHEAD put last year his cd “Prohibition“ in in-house production on the market. It is distributed via Phenix Promotion.
Here it is about a pure instrumental album. All instruments are played by one person. Who however supposes boring riffs and seeming endless arrangements is here desperately disappointed. Very technical played Death Metal which is presented diversified. Thereby is everything merged from FEAR FACTORY influences right up to MORBID ANGEL thrashing. It got a very independent cd with a lot of room for musical variantions. Nevertheless “Prohibtion“ is a forceful, aggressive, going forward production. The missing vocals hardly gets your attention which is attributable to the high technical craft of Pierre Minet. Melodic and dark parts alternate. Thereby never develops a musical vacuum let alone boredom. The all in all five songs ooze for energy and show the sympathetic listener what can develop on behalf of Death Metal. Technical adept recorded SQUIDHEAD contrats pleasantly of the other Death Metal mishmash. Listen to “Prohibition“. It’s worth it by all means!!!!


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