SQUASH BOWELS/PARRICIDE – Old Grandfather And Their Grind – split CD

Fatass Records – 2013

If you are into grindcore then SQUASH BOWELS and PARRICIDE are names that should sound familiar to you.These two Polish grind blasters release a split CD via the absolute unknown to me Polish label Fat Ass Records.SQUASH BOWELS deliver two tracks of heavy as a ton of bricks death/grind made of pummeling drums,brutal guitar riffs and several types of vocal expressions – growling,grunting and screaming ones.This is the well known SQUASH BOWELS style so no surprises here.PARRICIDE are included with three tracks,one of them being a cover of “Carnivorous Erection” by the Swedish gore maniacs REGURGITATE.They play more straightforward oldschool grind compared to SQUASH BOWELS and they have more punkish guitar riffs.This split was my first opportunity to hear PARRICIDE’s new vocalist Kuba Brewczynski who is doing some fine growls on the mike.The band also uses cowbell on the drums which is the reason for some funny moments amidst the relentless grind attack.If grindcore is somethin
g that you enjoy then take your time and give this split CD a listen.It is nothing extraordinary but it is fun in any case!


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