Comatose Records – 2011

– Italy
“Consumed by a Lacerating desire” & “Eternity to Devour” — Four man band formed
in 98, I must admit not my favorite band on the release, they will be recording
new material for Comatose soon.

– Italy
“Zombie Oral Sex” & “Necropedephile” — this is an awesome band, good rhythms, I
really like “Necropedephile” great song. New release just came out on Willowtip
Records — “Degenerating Anthropophagical Euphoria”.

“Losing Itself in the Infinite” & “End is Near” — talk about shitting oneself,
this band is the total death metal package, I fuckin’ love them, I can not
express how much you need to check them out-I honestly can’t believe I haven’t
heard of them before, they are a powerful three man band, and from what I can
see have been around since at least ’99.

Infected Flesh
– Spain/Holland
“Daeformaldehyded” & ” Ancestors of the Scalpel” — this is probably my second
favorite band on this split, I like the mixed vocals, it is only a two man band,
but the two songs provided are songs to be reckoned with. – (featuring Seth Van
De Loo from Severe Torture on Drums & backin’ vox).

Mass Infection
– Greece
“Beholding the Throne” & “Beyond Perpetuation” — really great drumming, very
reminiscent of Deeds of Flesh, can’t wait to hear a new full length from them.

Truly enjoyed banging my head to this split, all the bands are extreme & bowel


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