I, Voidhanger Records – 2014 – Ambient Black Metal

You’ll probably be thinking that “III” is the bands third studio album. Well no actually “III” is Greek ambient black metal solo project Spectral Lore’s fourth album to date! I knew the economic crisis had hit Greece hard but I didn’t realise their maths was that bad. All jesting aside I’m going to hazard a guess that the albums entitled with Roman numerals are part of a trilogy whereas third album “Sentinel” is a standalone release. Regardless, this I, Voidhanger Records put out album is certainly a furious affair, ravenous right from the off with guttural desperate shrieks and growls rising through the dense riff created fog! Indeed the collision between riffs and blast beats makes quite the cacophony yet nestled deep within the savagery of Spectral Lore’s sound comes vast ambient passages of calming almost peaceful noise, sounds inspired by nature! With these more tranquil, progressive passages comes cleaner vocals and a far more melodic style to temper the hungry barbaric onslaught that feels like it’s being kept at bay! As with all good black metal though the aggressive hostility is never kept in check for long and so this diverse album winds its way along its bleak journey, impressing as it goes!


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