Space Mirrors

The new Space Mirrors album “The Other Gods”, the second in the “Cosmic Horror” series, is recorded and being mixed now at KZI Studio by Alisa Coral. 
The current main recording line-up is: Alisa Coral (keyboards, mixing), Martyr Lucifer (Hortus Animae) on vocals, Claudio Tirincanti (Blaze Bayley) on drums, Gabriel Monticello (Spaceseed) on bass/contrabass and Sparky Simmons (Acid FM) on guitars plus other notable guest musicians including Bless (Hortus Animae), Cyndee Lee Rule (Spaceseed), Dr. James Hodkinson (Shadowlight, Pre-Med), Amon 418 (Hate Profile). Artwork by Kevin Sommers. 
It will be released later this year via Transubstans Records. 
You can watch the recording diary video below.
01. Stranger in the Mirror
02. The Nameless City
03. She-Devil
04. Frozen City of Cubes and Cones
05. (The Case of) Red Hook
06. Strange High House
07. Times Unknown
08. The Other Gods
09. Doom of Sarnath

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