Soulline – Dragonfly (Video)

Soulline is a Swiss metal band, born in 2000 in Bellinzona in Ticino.

Official Information

Soulline is a Swiss metal band, born in 2000 in Bellinzona in Ticino.

In 2008 they won the Swiss W: O: A Metal Battle, thus participating in the 2008 Wacken Open Air.

2010 is the year of the first tours in Eastern Europe: the first shoulder to Vader between Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova in May 2010, and the second tour in Russia shoulder to Rotting Christ in October 2010 departed from St. Petersburg.

The album The Struggle, The Self And Inanity take them one year later to open the Pro-Pain concerts and touch the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Slovakia and Hungary.

We Curse, We Trust will be the last album with Klod on vocals.

Welcome, My Sun marks the turning point of the group. The album allows Soulline to open Sepultura, Soulfly, Amorphis and Eluveitie concerts. The support tour of the album was done with Six Feet Under in Germany, while in 2016 they landed on tour in England, Ireland, Holland in support of Moonspell.

2022 sees the birth of Screaming Eyes, Soulline’s brand new album out for Massacre Records.

About this video


Soulline is proud to present the official video of Dragonfly, the first single from their new album, Screaming Eyes, to be released on March 11th, 2022, via Massacre Records.

Marco, the band’s guitarist, tells about the general atmosphere around the new record: “The eyes are the mirror of the soul. And the metal soul of this record screams, screams with strength for an act of revenge from life. Life of an ordinary human being who has had a very deep bass, a shadowy part of existence that he has accepted, understood and against which he is now fighting. And it is precisely the decision to get up that can be defined as “heroic”. Screaming Eyes, our new album released on March 11th this year, is a journey side by side with all those people who are tired of suffering and being sick, who decide to react and start living again by finding the resources inside. themselves. The sequence of the songs coincides precisely with the heroic path of the listener.”

Regarding the single Dragonfly, in particular, he adds: “Dragonfly is the first single and coincides with the highlight of the album: the moment when our hero, who is represented in the video by a female figure, is pushed to get up. He takes all the forces in his possession and acts to get up and take advantage of his new life, now relieved of dead weights. After hearing the music created by Lorenzo, Miles wrote the lyrics which are purposely a sequel to Leviathan: “abomination drags you down”. But Dragonfly makes you stand up! ”

A peculiarity: Dragonfly was chosen by 25 fans who had the opportunity to listen to the entire album in preview and express their three favourite songs.

In the video, the director Dalilù had carte blanche as regards the story, even if it was important for the band to show a part played too. Because live music saves so many souls every day, giving them the strength and motivation to move forward. The video clip was shot entirely at a disused cement factory located in the Canton of Ticino in Morbio Inferiore, Switzerland. The particularity of being completely immersed in a fantastic forest makes it magical.

Ghebro comments: “As soon as we visited the location we knew that this was going to be our stage for Dragonfly. Disused places fascinate us, and make us work our imagination thinking they are active. This cement plant in the middle of the woods is very “metal”! ”

Video credits:

Dalila Ceccarelli aka Dalilù – Director


Manno993 – DOP

Natalia Lomatska – 1AD

Stefano Longo – DOP Assistant

Lina D’Alessandro – VFX & Video Backstage

Camilla Pisoni – Photographer

Gauri Napoletano – Actress

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