Mortis Humanae Productions – 2012 – France

The French duo SOMBRE CROISADE released at the end of last year their first full-length cd “Litanie Au Mal“. Since 2008 musically on the way the gents are however at all no newcomer anymore. The cd is distributed via Mortis Humanae Prouctions.

The listener is offered here genuine Black Metal. Pitch-black and icecold. The partial halting riffs reinforce hopelessness and hate. The powerful drumming as well as forceful bass lines round off the complete works. The hardness of Black Metal strikes here up a bizarre symbiosis with melodies which is very emotional. “Litanie Au Mal“ offers the listener a journey into the abysses of the human soul. The songs are very compact and therefore also very long. You must bring a lot of stamina in order to be able to conceive the songs in its multifacedness. The very emotional growls of vocalist and bassist Alrinack manifest agony and endless hate. The partly spoken parts give the cd additional sustainability. The all in all eight songs all move in the mid tempo area which emphasizes and highlights darkness and coldness. A cover version (HORNA – “La Promesse D’Un Mortel“) may also not lack here! The lyrics are all written in French language. “Litanie Au Mal“ got a very successful album which touches and is kept primordial. Check out SOMBRE CROISADE. It’s worth it!!!

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