Solstice announced their new singer as well as the title of their new album through an announcement made by Richard Walker:

“After several years searching, and going through numerous candidates, myself and Lennaert Roomer finally made a decision regarding the future vocalist for the band. We came to the conclusion, after listening to his audition tapes, that Canadian vocalist ADRIAN MILES was the right man for the job.

People may ask what will Adrian bring to the band, we will answer simply himself. That’s all we ask from him, we decided were not looking to obtain another “typical” metal singer, but rather someone whose voice would fit with what the band has achieved before, and what we will create in the future.

With this in mind, we can look forward to recording our next album “TO SOL A THANE” with Adrian. and we will look into the possibility of playing some live shows where time permits…. Richard M. Walker, England, May 2007.”

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