SOLACIDE – Waves Of Hate

Gravity Entertainment – 2013 – Finland

The Finns SOLACIDE are heard from again. After the EP “Baptized In Disgust“ (2009) is now“Waves Of Hate“ at the ready. The EP contains three songs of the same-named demo from 2006 as well as two new songs. It is distributed via Gravity Entertainment.
A mixture of Black Metal and Progressive influences resounds towards me. Thereby a description of the music is not easy at all. Pitch-black Black Metal frameworks are wrapped in a fog of Progressive influences.You can even hear here Death Metal elements which conveys the great musical range of the band. Multi-variant solis interspersed now and then whereby also used little Thrash elements manifest this impression. But, don’t worry! At the big musical variety develops however no musical chaos. SOLACIDE are grown musicians who know what they want and who are able to implement that. Thereby the gents are speed-wise pretty fast. They however completely renounced of any thrashing in the highspeed area. By the game of speed and melodies arise atmosphere and hardness at the same time. Infinite hate and despite packed in melodic sound patterns show how Black Metal should sound like in the year 2013! The powerful, diversified doubleblast drumming shows the harsh character of the band. The emphatic vocals of Gökhan Korkmaz which are presented with much blood, sweat and tears are still the icing on the cake of the EP. The two live songs („God On Fire“ and „Nothing Weak Survives“) offer new musical food and are recorded in good quality. More technically adept than the previous EP you can clearly discern the bands’ progression. I am already very curious about the first full-length cd of the Finns which is already in progress. But, better listen to “Waves Of Hate“ yourselves and form your own opinion. Here is buying duty!!!!


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