SOLACIDE ”The Finnish Line”

Via Nocturna – 2016- Finland

SOLACIDE from Finland released at the end of February 2016 their first full-length cd. It is called “The Finnish Line“ and is distributed by the label Via Nocturna.
SOLACIDE serve here finest Black Metal to the listener. Laced with superb progressive influences which constitute the musical base frame. The entire musical spectrum is however many times greater. The powerful, strong-willed drumming caters for the necessary aggressiveness and rage. The skilful game with different tempi is also at this production a big component. Thereby receives ”The Finnish Line” the necessary energy and self-assertion. It develops weird, icecold musical worlds of darkness and mourning on the one hand. On the other hand morbid, melodic parts which let run the listener pleasant shivers down his spine. Synthesizer insertions relax the all in all eight songs a bit without thereby taking away too much power. The diversified guitar solis which also once poach into Death Metal realms which ensure that ”The Finnish Line” doesn’t get boring at any time. Very emotional and intense. The multi-variant vocals which offers everything from clean vocals to dark growls manifest the bands’ adeptness. The guys roll like an avalance through the Metal country. Thereby you can hear an obvious progression of the band towards their last cd “Waves Of Hate”. Who is not hostile to Progressive Black Metal in the year 2016 should buy the cd by all means! Delve into the world of SOLACIDE! You won’t regret it!!!!


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