SOFISTICATOR”Death by Zapping”

Earthquake Terror Noise – 20014 – Italy

The Italians SOFISTICATOR put with “Death By Zapping“ their by now second full-length cd on the market. It is distributed by the label Earthquake Terror Noise.
After an intro which aligns the listener to the topic the television scene it goes straight flat out. Now, you can hear Thrash Metal in highspeed. Straight and unfiltered the gents roll little short of supersonic speed through the Metal country. Presented dirty and snotty the all in all fourteen songs ooze of energy. Going forwards riffs which represent the typical Old School Thrash Metal strike the listener straight into the face. But, SOFISTICATOR have also implemented little breathers. By the insertion of short, slower passages the production receives variability and the listener has the opportunity to take a little breath . Very energetic and thrilling “Death By Zapping“ gives a good insight into the Thrash Metal genre. Dedicated recorded SOFISTICATOR offer with “Death By Zapping“ good Thrash Metal home cooking which is worth to be listened to!!!!


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