Sleep Terror

This is a myspace bulletin put out by Luke of Sleep Terror over the weekend.

Beenlong enough, huh? This is just a taste of what the next record will bestuffed with. I’m really stoked to get into the studio and see howthese songs will come out in The End, its going to sound monstrous.Thanks for all of your patience thus far.

Also,looks like I very well may have shirts for the Europe All Shall Perishtour I’m filling in on from Sept. 11th to Oct. 3rd and should have morewhen I come back. I’ll keep yous posted. Still on the hunt for somecooler designs.

Until further updates,


It’s only one new track, but this is good news for Sleep Terrorfans, as it is an indication that more is on the way. Unfortunately,the track is not downloadable from the page, so you just have to keepflicking back to the track.

Source:Spirit of Metal Webzine

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