Slaughter Messiah – Cursed From the Pyre

High Roller Records – 2020 – Belgium 

After two demos and three EPs, Slaughter Messiah from Belgium released their first full-length album “Cursed from the Pyre” on the High Roller Records label. Switching riffs, drum attacks and aggresive “thrashy” vocals give us the listeners not only the powerful feeling of thrash metal but also the “satanic” darkness of black/death metal in a dirty musical composition. It doesn’t really fit into a genre but just flows until the end of the album as you once start to listen to it. Other than that, it is very clear that they follow the footsteps of Metal Church and especially Slayer, however far away from being an imitation of these and have its own full throttle attitude. As far as I see the lyrics mostly explore themes like death, blood, tombs, ghouls, denied Gods etc., which fit with the gloomy atmosphere of the album with an old-school thrash tendency. You have to check these talented musicians out, will never get disappointed!

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