SKULMAGOT”Fascinated by Disgust”

Demo- 2015 -Finland

SKULMAGOT are from Finland. In October 2015 they released their first cd called „Fascinated By Death“ in in-house production.
Here is played Death Metal. Raw and archaic without too much folderol the Finns come straight to the point. Extremely brute and aggressive played the listener is required from the first note on. A musical and lyrical feast of slaughter which is thrilling and anything but boring. Forceful riffs build together with the super fast drumming the base frame of the all in all six songs. Thereby the gents display an incredible speed. Nevertheleess SKULMAGOT implemented several variants so that the music gets at no time verbose. The dark, emphatic growls do one more thing to give the production the necessary power and infinite hate. The neck muscle rotates non-stop! SKULMAGOT succeed with “Fascinated By Disgust“ to produce a down-to-earth and nevertheless forceful cd which is dark and powerful. Listen to the cd. It’s worth it by all means!!!!


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